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Chilean Health Food for Everybody

With an eye on the international market, Expo Gourmand 2005 debuted some tasty new products
María Pastora Sandoval Campos
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Expo Gourmand 2005 in Casa Piedra Convention Center, Santiago
©2005 M.Sandoval

Every year Chilean people can see the gastronomic industry at work at the Expo Gourmand, in Casa Piedra convention center in Santiago. This year, the 11th annual event was held May 19-22. It is a time for small Chilean companies to take the challenge and make their products known.

One of these Chilean challengers is Oils & Foods S.A., purveyors of avocado oil. The avocado is a fruit, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants, minerals and 12 of the 13 existing vitamins. It also has high nutritious value as a fresh fruit; in some places it is eaten with sugar and others with salt like a salad. Avocado oil is well-known because it is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, and it is popular in the health food market.

This 100-percent natural product is green, and chefs like its pleasant appearance. Avocado oil has a very good taste, texture and fragrance, can be heated to high temperatures and is healthier than olive oil.

The Oils & Foods Chile team at its Expo Gourmand stand. At right, CEO Jorge Schirmer.
©2005 M.Sandoval

Jorge Schirmer, CEO of Oils & Foods Chile S.A., said, "In the world there are six or seven companies who make avocado oil and Chile could not be out. We have the best conditions, because Chile is the third biggest producer of avocados in the world and it will be second to Mexico in 2006. The idea of producing avocado oil was born when I was a student; I realized the opportunity and put a product on the international market."

Another of these new companies is Valles y Montañas del Sur, which sells organic food, wine and beauty products. The materials are acquired in Argentina, the second largest producer of organics next to Australia. These products offer a healthy, environment-friendly way of living.

Ruben Martinetto, owner of Valles y Montañas del Sur, spoke about organic products: "When you are in this industry you can discover a lot of bad things you have eaten for years and can discover the real taste of food, too."

Another young company is Viña Mar, a wine producer from the Casablanca Valley, a place specially known for its white wine and excellent black grapes. The company is part of Southern Sun Wine Group, established in 2002.

Osvaldo Diaz, sommelier of Viña Mar
©2005 M.Sandoval

The founders had noticed the absence of wine made with a proved modern approach, which enhances the true and simple fruit expressions. Assuming this primary value of nature, the company pays tribute to the sea with its name, where the vineyard's essential attributes originate.

"We are in the expo with very big companies," said Osvaldo Diaz, sommelier of Viña Mar. "Viña Mar is on the excellent level of the others, because of its quality and where it is placed, near the sea but getting the best of the country too."

Chileans are looking ahead in regards to business and consumers want to get the best. The gastronomic industry is aspiring to compete on the international market. Here in Chile we say, "If it is Chilean, it is good," and we always want to be sure about it.

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